Zombies, zombies everywhere! Do you buy zombies? Cheap zombies, guaranteed quality. Expensive zombies, you can return them to the seller…Oh, but it’s not FAIR.

I shall tell you another story, this time in English, though I vowed to stop writing or translating into English for personal reasons. Last year, when I was very tired i was visited by my psychiatric nurse with her daughter. They seem to be very kind and good-hearted women and the young one has a little daughter. They seemed to help me and my mother and got under my mother’s skin. The little granddaughter came to my mother’s yard last summer and watered the roses herself with a garden hose. This year at my birthday, on February 16, her very young mother came to me and bought a cheap and non-edible birthday cake and I said thanks of course. But I was amazed by that young mother’s slip of the mind. The young woman paused as if thinking and said that her daughter is now one year and a half ! Now you can understand my puzzlement especially while remembering what happened last year…

As I told you, the two women came to me when I was very tired, in order to bring me psychiatric pills. The truth is that when I opened the entrance door to my apartment, alongside with them came inside a horrible smell of corpses. It was as if they smelled like that. I was puzzled and disappointed and sad. They were belated with an hour or so, saying that they were caught in a traffic jam. What puzzled me more is that their moves were like those of some rusty robots who needed oil or sacred ointment from a priest. My impulse was to help them, to show them my concern and love for human race whatever comes. Their fingers, adorned with veritable gold and ruby rings, with long and painted fingernails were clasped and very rigid. I touched their hands and opened their fingers and they seemed to be moved again. Another trouble is that in the same moment someone entered in my mind in Romanian with the thought: we cannot accept a country of zombies. Another one in English led me into temptation to touch their hands because I was very tired, otherwise I am not influenced by foreign thoughts. After their departure i had to open the window to refresh the air in my room and the smell went away. It is true that I forgot to check the entrance floor in front of my apartment, in order to derive correct conclusions. It is true that the neighbors above me have children that change or don’t grow older in all these 11 years since I am here. The neighbors upstairs tried to make me think that they poison me with toxic gas in the bathroom, because when I moved here another neighbor with the old woman living below me forbid me to maintain the bathroom vent closed, he opened it (although it was closed) in spite of my demands and my money paid to him, although the old woman below, his friend, has that opening closed. In the psychiatric hospital years ago i met an old patient who said that among other things she was poisoned by her neighbors with toxic gas. She was a English teacher. In the past 10 years these neighbors let flowing something that made different noises for hours late at night, at any night hour and sometimes at daytime in order to torture me with noises like gas flowing, not like water on the pipeline. They stopped only this year. Of course I cannot say for sure what that thing was. The neighbor below, who welcomed me when I bought the apartment from an Italian who had “trust” in her, told me then that she was over 70, I forgot her age back then.. This old woman asked me to sell her my own inherited place in the graveyard, which fact was somehow illegal, but I had back luck although I refused her, because my mother sold that place above my will (which was illegal too, because I was the direct heir) to a crooked lawyer and what remains for me if I die is to be buried in a common grave with my uncle and my father altogether. I forgot to tell another detail: the eyes of those women with corpse smell were fantastically bright from time to time, more exactly the young one’s eyes. By chance, the name of her child is Evelyn. The one who made me have an abdominal echography that is maybe lying about the dimensions of my “good” kidney stone was the psychiatric nurse. The medics lied many times about me, I can still remember that. I don’t remember precisely the dimension of my kidney stone, but I only vaguely remember that it was not 3.5mm as it is written and my family doctor to whom I complained for 8 years or so about different symptoms all around my abdomen and in my back and did not recommend any investigation, read it aloud in her cabinet as 1.5mm. My mother paid 100 lei (which is costly for us) and the medic gave me only the picture of the gall bladder with stones with only written things about the rest. My nurse too suffers as she says from bile ducts trouble and stays at home with perfusion from time to time, though she had her gallbladder being removed, as the echography medic recommended to me. You can see the pictures and her diagnostic below. Another fact is that my psychiatric nurse and the psychiatrist forbid me to go to a social center for psychiatric patients by refusing to sign a paper certifying that I was in their evidence and treatment and by refusing to give me a copy of my clinical observations papers from the psychiatric hospital. I explained them that i was still young and complete isolation is very painful – I have absolutely no one to talk to except for my mother. The same psychiatric nurse made me have a pension of less than 400 lei for psychiatric illness, although years ago they refused to let me work or to have a pension. Of course this legal pension is too small and can pay only the rent but not other expenses. I shall make a request in the future to have it cut off. I cannot accept this. Absolutely certain I asked for human rights since I was 13, already 33 years since 1884 and it is a certain fact that i was able to work legally but they refused me. They refused my right to have a child or family or other social rights although I never had psychiatric symptoms and spit over me horrible psychological or psychiatric inventions about my “conditions” although I was perfect and I had a perfect character and I think that I even deserved to be a student in the University, which right they too denied, only because I was poor. I was intelligent and wise an good and full of forgiveness towards people. I deserved life and they kill me. They treat me as If I were not human though I had no mistakes at all my whole life. Maybe some of you know that psychiatric illnesses are only lies, but I was very good as an individual and deserved to have a child, although i was a slave my whole life. Of course I shall commit suicide if my requests are not met, I waited 33 years, as they said, deprived of life. They continuously entered my mind in Romanian after I moved in this apartment with the idea that they have to isolate me and to destroy all the evidence and cover it up, exactly what they did.

If you wonder about me – I never had sparkling eyes, that’s for sure. But my own mother had such eyes from time to time last year and she became like this only lately.

The title of my confession is a bitter satire. And my final statement which I had proves for, is that I was really poisoned, not only by psychiatric drugs, but by other things.



For God’s sake, pray to God for my mother or help her, she feels increasingly worse and without her I shall remain without health insurance and if they fuck me like they did yesterday and so many times I die if I don’t have psychiatric drugs and only my mother can bring them to me and of course I care for her – and the doctors said that I was removed from the list of patients with free medical insurance and my mother promised me that she will fight for my rights and she will go somewhere for that. For God’s sake, they even put false documents in my house in my drawers, I discovered forgeries in my drawers, IT IS TRUE, they have changed even my personal code in some official papers, it’s true. If I remain uninsured they will kill me … I was good, not evil, and my mother the same, and some people come over me with the thought that they no longer need me, and my mother said she no longer spoke with her cousin who lives in a neighboring locality. He has not even called her brother yet. Mother is less than 69 years old, and I am less than 46. For God’s sake, I don’t even have someone for exchanging two words with him/her on the phone. I have no one and I was pure goodness, HELP ME! They say that my people swore revenge to me though i was pure goodness and calm and that they believe that I was or that I am insane, evil and stupid! IT IS NOT TRUE WHAT THEY SAY. ONLY WHAT i SAY IS THE TRUTH ABOUT ME. FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHY THERE IS NO HUMANITY IN THIS WORLD?? why don’t you understand? IT IS A MONSTROUS ABUSE AND MURDER, PLEASE HELP

January the 2nd, 2016

another small tragedy happened in my life today. And like I said everything started in 1984, and although I was a perfectly good and valuable individual they tortured me day after day. I already told on facebook that they stole my medical prescription for Milgamma from my house a few days ago, a drug that my doctor prescribed for my peripheral neuropathy that was indeed horrible. Thanks God that the pharmacist gave it to me over the counter. Then I managed to buy cheaper my other prescription that was partly covered by my medical insurance. Among the drugs that I bought it was also Movalis, a drug intended to reduce the severe pain that I feel at night or after physical effort, even after walking, in my back spine. The doctor prescribed me one each day for 20 days. Today I found that 10 pills are missing from the little box And I don’t have money to buy others, I cannot afford, and I don’t even know if they will give me that without prescription This was the 3rd day that I took it. I still have 7 left, but I know that I needed 20…to feel a little relief. Can you explain me why such cruelty? They did this on and ond every day since the autumn of 1984. Don’t you see the truth? I never did something wrong and every day was the same and I never changed, I stayed the same, I loved and respected everyone and look what they did …

4 o’clock in the afternoon. Some pigs in Romanian entered again my mind saying (again) that “doesn’t she understand that she must die because for us it is a shame to tell the truth?”
They are monsters and I wish with all my heart that they go to hell and be punished 90 years not 45 like they tortured me! My life was indeed perfection, I did nothing wrong, I offered them forgiveness and beautiful thoughts and feelings and it was in vain for 31 years and a half. And now they repeat that I must understand that I have to die for their sins. They are not humans , they are pigs. For so many years I did not know what they were thinking and I believe in goodness and the power of good and righteousness and it was in vain.

Diabetes or not?

This will be probably my last webcam video that I share here; I placed a tuft of cotton on my webcam in order for you to see me in a better capture and light.

Some pigs (evil humans) keep on telling me in English that they must conceal the truth about me and thus kill me, because otherwise people would lose their fate in God. They keep on telling me that people don’t see me as I am (for example in these videos), but they see a monster, because they’ve been told lies about me for many years. I don’t know a thing about those lies, but I can tell for sure that these “pigs” are worse than everything that I read about past butchers or Middle Ages Inquisition, etc. pigs that always tortured and horribly killed saints. By the way, my father told me several times that I am a saint and that I take all the evil upon me and he said that he pitied me. It is true. I think that I was a pure human being, I never dreamed of being a saint, and maybe this is one of the reasons for smoking cigarettes, although I don’t feel any relaxation or pleasure at all. I proved all along my way that I was a pure, good and valuable human being. Anyway, when I did not smoke they tortured me even more, much more. When I was slim the same, they horribly tortured me. Maybe some of you do remember that quote from Terence: “Homo sum humani nihil a me alienum puto” (I am a human being and everything human is not unknown/ strange/ abnormal/shameful to me”). I was raised since I was a little girl with quotes like this one, I really had a humanistic and illuministic and stoical education.