My drawings and words


I make it more clear: I wrote haiku 6 years and I had only a few haiku published in my country or abroad. Many haiku authors from Romania, who started writing a long time after me, have their haiku books published. My haiku is not good, don’t you understand? I hope I did not offend anyone, but considering the objective data, I was always compelled to stop writing, I am not a real author like almost all my haiku friends from Romania are. They only “published” some of my haiku hastily, but not as a book like they did for the others. This was one of the reasons for me to start drawing haiga and I was never good at drawing, since my school years. I only try to do what I can do better in my drawing and words…

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This image above was the intermediate one. I searched if I could improve it, but I am not certain about this. Below you can see the versions with more tender and more ripe wheat fields.

The only vulgar poem I ever wrote about my life:

The Anatomy of Shame

why the hell some folks say so easily
like you would say water or bread
that they fucked you
what the hell this means i wondered
with big big eyes
until i was eighteen my father never spoke
about ass or vagina
even if ass is in the dictionary
the same as breast poop or pee
i slept my dreamless sleep of a virgin
without knowing what people do
in their intimate flesh
today it seems that some spit on me
that everyone fucked me
i don’t understand why i never could say this word
even if a respected lady scolded me on the phone
fuck you
my dad said things like merry youth cherry boobs
or youth are pleased testicles creased
the same as my work colleagues told riddles about sex
but my dad said he speaks only about anatomical parts
and this is normal
but he doesn’t want to hear about devil or hell
because all evil would come into our house
i admit he hit me too often or too harsh
blackened my eyes so i had to use thick mascara
i felt hard to say what the hell
let alone something else
now i say what the hell everyone has with fuckin’
i did not understand although my hair whitened
because even a neighbor yelled in the yard
that she would fuck the administrator of the building
my family was only joking
that sometimes i swirl like a testis in a bucket
but that neighbor was serious and threatened with her fist
because everyone is afraid of this
of fucking
because this means they push you into mental care
because you’re not like them i mean you don’t fuck
like a psychiatric patient told me she was not fucked for years
and the psychology students laughed that this is the most important thing
otherwise they fuck you and you get there
and you die this is it
they kill you