I had a harsh life, because I was very poor since childhood. Here I gathered a part of my daily suffering, and you can find the way others’ thoughts enter my mind with cruel insults or illogical things. Usually they are more cruel and horrible than I wrote in these letters. The whole truth about my life can be found on my other blog about my life, written in Romanian (my English is not perfect) at this address, especially if you can translate the series “Infernul sunt ceilalti”, in temporal order:


I know that this blog is not really worth reading, because I repeat endlessly things about my worth and about the fact that I don’t understand why they killed me…but this happens in any case like mine. I also have an amputated leg due to a suicide attempt on the 31st of December 1998. 16 years ago. People laughed at me that I was “so desperate” to commit suicide exactly on New Year’s Eve, but that was not related to that event. I tried to kill myself then because I had a horrible migraine, lasting for many weeks, that did not cease under pain relief medicine. That day it aggravated…it was so horrible that I believed that I will lose my mind and become a kind of puppet in the hands of evil people, doing myself evil towards kind people, like others did to me. This is the truth. My father refused then to take me to the hospital saying that nothing can be done and went to bed. Then I saw myself from above on the hospital bed in my own blood and I saw and heard doctors talking…it seems that I had a Near Death Experience (you can find information about this on the net).


My Romanian blog about my entire life experience:

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  1. Hi, I nominated you for the Liebster Award on blogging. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to accept it and participate in it. I just wanted you to know I found your blog interesting. Keep writing! Keep on!

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  2. Hi I found your blog interesting, don’t ever think your story is not worth reading. It is YOIR story, and do whatever is necessary to heal ok. it is always worth it as there is always someone out there who understands as I am one of,them, I’m so sorry that you have gone throught what you have done. I actually feel your pain and tears filled my eyes, I for one know about suffering and we all experience different things in life. Writing is a start so keep going ok. God bless. Xx

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